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Loot Rules


You MUST have the "EPGP Lootmaster" addon RUNNING in progression guild run in order to recieve loot.

I Could Spend 6 paragraphs explaining EPGP to you, or you could google it or ask one of the officers to explain it OUTSIDE OF RAID! (I suggest you google it first)
 We use this system, because when properly implimented, it is the most transparent, fair, and drama resistant system we know of. It is not PERFECT, and neither are WE... but the people that run it have proven that they will do their best to keep our loot distribution fast, fair and flexible. Every guilds Implementation is different, so even if you've had a negative experience w/ it in the past, we want to assure you that alot of thought has gone into our customized setup & we've yet to have a single issue that wasnt able to be resolved just by understanding the following :

Dont rage at your lootmaster if he makes an error, he's not a robot, and he's not out to screw you over.


....ITEM COSTS for the buttons you will click in the addon....
Mainspec = 100% of tooltip cost.
Minor Upgrade = 80% of tooltip cost.
Offspec = 30% of tooltip cost.

The particulars of our useage of the system are as follows:

  • 1: New Members will be awarded 1000GP upon joining the guild.
  • 2: People who are ontime & in raid will recieve 200 EP points.(There will be absolutly no grace period/exceptions for Mythic runs, ontime is 7:30, Period)
  • 3: The raid will recieve an additional 100 EP points @ raid end.
  • 4: Difficult/Progression bosses may earn the raid 100EP upon a successfull kill.
  • 5: Decay is set @ 20% EP&GP / week - this does not affect your Priority rating, but it does minimize the bennifit of "Hoarding" your points. We want all of our members to gear up as fast as they can (Including Offspecs) , so spend those points or loose them to decay.
  • 6: Any alt that is REQUESTED to raid with us (by an officer) for the sake of raid composition will ONLY be allowed to roll "Greed" on gear, but will also only pay the 33% price if they win....EP&GP can be applied to their mains pool Upon request, but once this change is made, it will not be undone.
  • 7: There may be exceptions to the way we use EPGP in our raids if there are pugs involved or for certain predetermined types of drops (Like a mount or Legendary components).
  • If more than 30% of our raid is made up of pugs we may do /roll w/loot council & not use EPGP at all.
  • If there is less than 30% pugs we will have any interested members /roll vs the pugs & if one of us wins the roll, the item will be distributed by EPGP Priority.
  • You can direct any specific questions or concerns regarding our loot rules to either Shadowëater or Ishizu. If you believe an error has been made in distributing loot inside one of our raids, please WHISPER the loot master AFTER he has finished handing out ALL of the loot from a boss. 


EPGP Penalties: 

Ep is earned by doing things that contribute to the successs of our raids, doing things that hurt our raids will cause you to "earn" Negative EP. Raiders can be penalized EP points for behavior that is detrimental to our raids. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Being absent/ late to raid without prior notice recieved.
  • Excessive AFK'ing
  • Frequently not having or not using your own consumables (Including Flasks, Pots and Food).
  • Excessive failure to execute raid mechanics, or failure to follow provided strats/instructions. (Being at least moderatly intelligent, you shouldnt have any problems here....unless you are not sober... in which case you might.)
  • Loot Drama, or attempts to undermine the loot system, including "Humorous" ones.

Beyond EP penalties, further or more aggregious disruption of our raids will be seen as grounds for Benchings, Reduction of Rank or even Removal from the guild. Penalties can be appealed with the GM, but NOT During one of our raids.

Throwing a tantrum in response to being penalized for any of the above reasons will not end well.