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Raid Rules

---Raid Rules---


All raiders are expected to Meet & Maintain a few basic requirements:
(What will get you invited back to our raids)

1. Be Reliable.
- We value consistency in this raid, above many other virtues. You're in a raid guild, if we recruited you to raid & you're unable to make a raid you need to let someone know. It's a good idea to have the phone number of someone that plays WoW that can contact someone from Beta Testing to relay your message. But you should @ Least let us know via this sites "AFK" forum Here: http://betatesting.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9613546&gid=338701

Remember: There are other people who set aside their time expecting to play with you, don't leave them hanging.

2: Be Ready.
-You should be prepared to raid when raid time comes around. You shouldn't be running around getting flasks and enchants while everyone else is standing outside the instance. You also shouldn't be begging for flasks / mats as we're doing our first readycheck of the night. Figure out your average weekly Flask/Pot requirements and stock up. Don't try to squeeze in a five man or LFR 20 minutes before a raid, our #1 priority is to raid, be ready to raid.

3. Know your stuff.
- You'll be expected to understand your gear choices, know where the items you're after drop in the instance we're currently working on, and be familiar with your class/role and the varying options and choices available to you... Including the different Talents/Glyphs you can swap out on a fight to fight basis. Also researching fights is greatly appreciated.

4. Be willing to rotate.
-Rarely, the raid leadership may announce that someone needs to be swapped out for a particular fights dps or healing requirements .... especially on progression fights. This is no excuse to throw a tantrum. We've lost/removed people over feeling they have a right to start drama after being benched for 1 boss, LONG time members. We don't make a habit of switching people around for Comp, But when it does need to happen it's not on a whim. We're not picking on you, we're exploring a last resort in our efforts to progress.

5:Make sure you're Running EPGP Lootmaster.
We use the EPGP system for all gear in Current Content Raids. We REQUIRE you to have the "EPGP Lootmaster" addon installed & running in order to win loot in a Heroic or Mythic difficulty guild run. See the "Loot Rules" page for more info.

6. We're about to Pull, shut up.
-During fights, vent is for conveying relevant information and conversing with raid leaders. We don't need to know why you died or if an item is good for you, or how funny something someone said in raid or whispered you is. Feel free to converse in raid chat , guild chat, a custom channel or whisper as you need. Ask for buffs or make fight suggestions in your channel or raid chat, the leaders will communicate them out if they match the strat being considered.


We believe most of these are purely pragmatic in maintaining our preferred raiding environment.

Failure to uphold these standards may result in Warnings, Loss of EP, Benchings and/or Demotions.

Excelling at all of the above will get you respect, further invites and promotions.