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Here are the guidelines for the ranks we use and their particular roles and perks within the guild.

  This rank is for a player's alts in the guild.We have no restrictions on the number of alts you may have in this guild, but we do require that your alt's Notes are edited to reflect your main toons name(So we know who's who). Please See that this is done any time you add an alt to the guild and for any alts you already have in guild. Failure to do this may result in your alts removal from the guild at any time.
  The GM, Officer and Assistants alts will share the same rank as their mains in order to facilitate the performance of their  responsibilities to the guild.
(We may implement categories like "Beta+ Alt" or "Alpha Alt" with similar perks as their parent ranks if/when guild funds and contributions allow.)


This rank is for Casual players or Levelers.
   No perks are given @ this time.

   The beta rank are for players who are level 100 and have interest in casual Raiding and PvPing.
The perks of this rank are:
-Limited access to Two tabs in the guild bank.
-A small stipend for daily guild repairs.

Beta +
 The Beta + rank are for players who maintain a raid viable character and have applied to our basic application on our webpage and get accepted. These players are usually on trial periods to get a permanent slot in our core team or standby raiders who cannot regularly raid in the core team for particular reasons.
The perks of this rank are:
-Increased access to 3 tabs in the guild bank
-Higher Raid invite priority than Beta rank.

   The Alpha Rank players are the crème de la crème of our raid team. They must consistently uphold all of the guild's raid policies as well as proving themselves reliable, good performers in raids while possessing a cooperative attitude. These players also have to apply via our Advance Application on this webpage and get accepted.
The perks of this rank are:
-Guild provided gems and enchants for their gear.
-Increased access to 5 tabs in the guild bank.
-The Highest Invite Priority to raids.

Assistant(Rank name subject to change) This rank is completely voluntary.
   These players have shown that they are very competent in their class, and demonstrate a willingness to undertake some light but important responsibilities within the guild. Only long standing, proven members will ever carry this rank. They help do things like Recruiting, Organizing guild activities, and managing guild assets(like the bank or website). Members that carry this rank can be promoted only after earning Beta+ or Alpha only, and in so doing, retain at least the same level of perks. Promotion to this rank does NOT increase Raid invite priority from their previous level. Continuing effort is required in order to maintain this rank.

The perks of this rank goes as follows:
-Increased access to 6 tabs in the guild bank.
-Direct communication w/ the officers in a dedicated channel.
-Any additional perks from their previous "earned" rank.

  The officers are the backbone of this guild. Officers can influence guild policy on a regular basis. An officer is responsible for all of the duties of the Assistants, as well as for helping the GM with oversight and management of the entire guild. They regularly handle Recruitment, Logistics and oversee the guild Bank. They are also responsible for managing disputes, discipline and maintaining the overall desired atmosphere of our guild. This Rank is given to players that have been with the guild for a very long time, have shown that they are exceptional players,and are capable leaders who take pride in keeping the guild strong and focused on our goals.

Guild Master
  The Guild Master consults his officers before making any final decisions. Guild Master has the final say in all situations and decisions. The GM also oversees the activities of every member of the guild, from Officer on down.


   Beta Testing Leadership reserves the right to demote players for any given infraction of a rules(s) or policy(s) as set forth Here , Including any & all applicable subsections. Demotions will be handled on a case by case basis. Appeals can be made, however, the GM has Final Say in Every & All cases.