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Beta Testing of Whisperwind(US)

 The foundations of the guild were established towards the end of Cataclysm. The guild was formed by a few members that came over from a underpopulated server in search of a larger player base to run content with. Many of the core players (primaraly officers and the gm) of the guild have been playing together since the beginning of Cata, and many of us have been playing since Vanilla.

Since the start we have primarly been a progression raiding guild and will continue to be for the forseenable future. As with many other guilds on server, we consider ourselves to be a semi-hardcore raiding guild, since we only raid 3 days a week for 7.5 total hours. Our raid environment is reletively laid-back and enjoy joking around with one another, but when it comes to progression the environment becomes much more serious. Also we have perfected a well known loot system (EPGP) to give the raiders the fairest and most efficient way of loot distibution. We have always strived to move forward and will continue to do so.

 Although we are a raiding guild we do have a fairly large casual player base that run old content and level alternative toons. Many of our members are just here to have fun and play the game with other like minded players. That being said we have also held a strong PvP presence on the server over the years. We have a few members that push atleast 2200 rating every season.

In addition, our guild over the years has participated in various events including Blizzcon and a Vegas trip (pictures in the gallery). When it comes to games and real life outside of wow we are very open. Many of our players/raiders play other games with one another, not just WoW although is does take priority ;).


In our raids we value Attendance, Attitude, and Performance above all else.

We have a strict 0 drama policy & are only interested in playing w/ like minded mature players

(But we're open to all manner of respectful silliness between pulls and outside of raid) . 


We raid Current Normal , Heroic, and Mythic content 3 nights a week ( Mon/Wed/Thu 7:30-10pm cst)


For a deeper look inside our guild feel free to check out our forums, roster and our guild rules.

You can see some of our members Streams here : http://betatesting.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=2480831&gid=338701

Also feel free to look us up on World of Logs (for older content in Mists), Warcraft Logs or Wowprogress.

Any of our Officers or Assistants will be happy to answer any questions we've failed to address on our website, or provide clarification / assistance as needed. Don't be shy, we're not!