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Current Core Raid Role Needs:

(Normals and Heroics will start when the content is released)

Dps: RDPS/MDPS Heals: All

    Tanks: All except Blood DK

Exceptional applications will always be considered, even if we are not looking for that role specifically.

Applicants should be 200+ ilvl, but If you have a good amount of past Raiding Experience (Particularly Hardmode Progression) we don't mind helping you gear up a bit.

RAID TIMES: Form up 7:20 pm, Pull at 7:30 pm. Hard Stop at 10:00 pm (unless progession boss, then one more pull). All times Server. (CST)
 RAID DAYS:  Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

 Loot Distribution: EPGP (eventually personal loot for bfa because forced to)

 Voice Chat: Discord (back up is battlenet chat)



  1. RELIABILITY:90% availability for raids is assumed: don't bother to apply for or maintain a raiding slot if you cannot nominally commit to our schedule. RL>Wow, but we expect some advanced notice for missing any scheduled raid.  If you fail to log in and make a raid for 2 weeks w/o any explanation you will be replaced.
  2. COMPETENCE: Know your Class, Have good Situational Awareness, Research fights & Learn from mistakes.
  3. PATIENCE:We will wipe, we will take scheduled breaks. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them quickly and move on.
  4. ATTITUDE: We have a strict 0-Drama policy. We are all adults & treat each other w/ at least a basic level of respect.
  5. RESPONSIBILITY: Communicate your issues/needs to our officers, Be able to provide for your own food/flasks/pots, Take pride in your Gear & keep it Gemmed and Enchanted.(In other words: Act like the Adult you are, don't make our Officers feel like you need a babysitter :D)

 Please Familiarize yourself with our Guild Rules before applying.
Guild Rules Here

Additional questions please contact an assistant, officer or the GM in game.

-Asstiants: Oldiee, Vortex, Ideanna
-Officers: Kreljnok, Soul, Shadowëater(alt+137)
-GM: Ishizu

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