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General Rules


 ---Basic Guild Rules---

1. Don't Start Drama in Guild
- Intentionally starting, continuing OR escalating arguments; direct personal insults or attacks; excessively trolling guildies for reactions. Consider this the one and only warning drama causers are likely to get. Violators WILL be kicked. Quickly. This is our Number 1 rule for a reason.

2. Don't Start Drama OUTSIDE the Guild
- If you have our name under yours, you represent us. Don't troll or feed trolls, be helpful if you can, or at least considerate and respectful. Try to avoid bailing on groups or disrupting others' play if you can.

3. Don't be a Jerk

Honestly, as far as General membership in the guild goes, that's it! We're pretty easy to get along with as long as you're moderately respectful. 

Outside of our raids we're not all that serious a bunch and Sillyness is encouraged.


--- Detailed Guild Structure, Rules and Policies ---

*** If you expect to raid with us, you should make yourself familiar w/ the following sections before you show up to your first raid !***

Rank & Bank             Raid Rules                  Loot Rules