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Level 90 Arcane Frost
Level 100 Combat Subtlety
Level 100 Protection
Level 92 Subtlety Combat
Level 90 Balance Restoration
Level 100 Balance Restoration
Level 90 Frost
Level 100 Shadow Holy
Level 90 Elemental Restoration
Level 100 Combat Assassination
Level 100 Elemental Restoration
Level 100 Arms Fury
Level 90 Discipline Shadow
Level 100 Shadow Discipline
Level 100 Subtlety Combat
Level 95 Combat Combat
Level 94 Beast Mastery Marksmanship
Level 95 Beast Mastery Marksmanship
Level 100 Marksmanship Beast Mastery
Level 91 Frost Blood
Level 90 Destruction Demonology
Level 100 Shadow Discipline
Level 93 Affliction Destruction
Level 92 Shadow Discipline